Where do you run programmes?
For Summer 2016 we are running a July programme in Newcastle and an August programme in London. We are hoping to announce international programmes in the near future.

How long are your programmes?
Our programme is two weeks, exclusive of weekends and bank holidays.

Do I have to attend every day?
Yes, unless there is a significant reason not to attend. YF is a fast paced programme with lots of information, meetings and connections being made. As a result, it's easy to fall behind if you can't attend every day.

Do I have to have an idea to come on Young Founders?
Yes, although not fleshed out. We ask you to submit your idea in just 140 characters, not a huge business plan. The start of the programme will explore what a good idea is and we'll be using your initial ideas for that process. It's likely that the idea will rapidly evolve, or you'll join someone else's team - don't worry about it.

What do you look for in the application process?
Over and above everything else, we look for enthusiasm. As one of our mentors described last year, the people who thrive at YF are those whose eyes light up when you have a discussion with them. 

Do I need experience?

Do I have to be studying business studies/economics or any related course?

Do I have to be in education to apply?

I'm already in a team, is YF right for me?
Possibly. We are very early stage and as a result take applications from individuals as opposed to teams. If you are already in a team we ask you to apply individually but making reference to the team you are in.

Is there an expectation that I create a startup after YF?
No. YF is about you gaining experience of what a fast paced startup is like. If you decide its not for you, don't worry. We hope that the skills and mindset you will have developed will be helpful wherever you take them.

Why do you do this?
We enjoy it. Aged 15 we started our own company and experienced the struggles of being young founders. As a result, we set this up to make getting into startups more accessible, make the education establishment aware of the sector and help create a generation of young people who do.

Can I run my own Young Founders programme?
Yes, get in contact with Ed ( and he'll take you through the process.

Can I volunteer at YF in Newcastle or London this summer?
If you can provide your own accommodation then we'd love for you to join us. There is an application process and offline interview in late May for volunteers. Contact Ed ( and he'll take you through it.

Can I mentor at YF this summer?
Get in touch!

Is Young Founders free?
YF is free, however, we encourage those who can afford it to donate £100 to cover half of their costs for the programme.

Do you offer travel bursaries?
We hope to. In the past we had a sponsor who covered travel within the UK specifically, we're on the hunt for a new one. Please ask if it will be an issue and we'll do our best to support you.

Who supports Young Founders?
Have a look at the bottom of our about page.

More questions? 
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