Welcome to our resource centre for teachers and thanks for supporting the programme! Included in our resource pack are posters, leaflets and sample emails which you can distribute to your pupils. We appreciate that it's not long till the Easter holidays but any time put in ensuring that pupils who this would benefit are able to attend would be hugely appreciated.

Last year we benefitted hugely from a few teachers referring their students to us. This worked particularly well in the case of students who might not have the confidence to apply themselves and need some encouragement. We're happy to chat to both teacher and pupil to understand wether the programme would, most importantly, be something they'd enjoy and if they'd benefit from the investment of our team and partners in them. Please don't hesitate to email us and we'll do our best to get back as quickly as possible. 

If any of your pupils have any questions (or for that matter you do) please don't hesitate to drop Ed or Kit an email on 

Ed & Kit

Download Resources from Dropbox